Additional California Contractors Insurance For Your Business

Additional California Contractors Insurance For Your Business

Are you deciding on the level of coverage your need for your construction or contracting business? At Budget Contractors Insurance, we are here to help you discover the importance of having the right amount of California contractors insurance. If you are not properly covered, you might end up paying out of your own pocket to cover damages. We will walk you through the basic policy and if you are interested in additional coverage, we will discuss our customizable add-on policies. 

Typically in California, contractors insurance covers public liability and indemnity. The main purpose is to protect your clients and your business at the same time. Are you wondering if this is enough coverage for your construction business? At Budget Contractors Insurance, we want you to feel secure with your insurance, which is why we offer add-on policies you can customize. This way you are only paying extra for the things you want and nothing more. 

  • After You Retire- By adding an extension clause in your liability you can make sure you are protected from any legal action even after you retire. Some cases are made years after the contract was completed, so you do not want to worry about anything during your retirement because you were prepared.  
  • Equipment- Do you wish your equipment had better coverage? We can tailor an insurance plan to meet your specific coverage requirements. Some people prefer to have more coverage on their equipment in case of damages or theft. You cannot continue working if your equipment and tools are stolen or damaged.
  • Liability- We can even bump up the coverage for public liability for your peace of mind. Accidents can happen at any given time and being prepared is the only way to handle it. For a higher-degree of protection, you can turn to us for liability coverage.


Whether you are looking for basic coverage or additional coverage for your construction business, you can always depend on Budget Contractors Insurance to help you select the ideal California contractors insurance. Give us a call today at (800) 306-1200 to discuss in-depth each additional insurance package with one of our representatives.

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