Different Licensing Classes for California Contractors Insurance

Different Licensing Classes for California Contractors Insurance

In order to legally complete work for clients, you must have California contractors insurance. In this state, it is required by law because it will protect you and your clients when something goes wrong.  Mistakes happen unintentionally, but you do not have to worry if they do because you have the right insurance. Budget Contractors Insurance wants you to be prepared for any events that could happen on the job site. 

It is also required to have a California state contractor’s license bond before you can begin working on projects. There are three different licensing categories in the state of California. These levels include Class A, Class B, and Class C. Within the different categories there are smaller subcategories that cover a variety of different contractors. So before you select your California contractors insurance, you must first determine which licensing class your skills fall into. 

  • Class A (General Engineering Contractor)- The main focus in this category is engineering, whether it is structural, civil, or architectural. This level covers people who have any type of engineering knowledge and will be working on bridges, highways, power plants, and more. 
  • Class B (General Building Contractors)-  If your job involves building any type of structure, you will most likely fall into this category. Framing and carpentry are the main projects for a general building contractor. 
  • Class C (Specialty Contractors)- This is the largest category because there are so many subcategories to choose from in the Class C section. This class focuses on those who have a specialized skill or trade. For example, if you specialize in masonry or demolition then you will find your trade under this category.


Budget Contractors Insurance will help you get the right California contractors’ insurance you need to continue working. With the coverage you need at the affordable price you want, Budget Contractors Insurance will come to your rescue. If you have any questions regarding the class you should be in or what insurance coverage your business needs, give us a call at (800) 306-1200 right now and we will be happy to discuss these topics more in-depth with you.

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